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Fume Cupboard Service & Maintenance

Walton Plastics Engineering offer 6 monthly and 12 monthly Service and Maintenance testing of fume cupboards in accordance with AS/NZS 2243.8: 2006 Safety in Laboratories Part 8. Fume Cupboards.
All services and maintenance works are carried out by our fully trained service technicians, with the backup of our experiences engineers.
Reports are issued on completion of servicing and testing. Minor maintenance can be carried out during the service, and any additional maintenance requirement not able to be completed as part of the service will be listed in the report issued on completion.
Walton Plastics Engineering’s service technicians carry a small array of parts which if required for repairs can be completed during the service with only the part being an additional charge. Repairs requiring parts will only be completed on approval.

Six monthly maintenance & testing includes:

  • Face velocity test

  • Smoke test.

  • Inspection of fans, motors, drives, and bearings.Bearings lubricated if required.Belts changed if required

  • Check scrubbers and wash down facilities for correct operation.

  • Check air cleaning device if fitted.

  • Check condition of thermal heads and duct sprays if fitted.

  • Remove baffles & clean back of fume cupboard chamber and baffles.

Twelve monthly maintenance & testing includes:

  • All checks as for 6 monthly.

  • Wash entire internal surface of fume cupboard cabinet and repair defects.

  • Check condition of services to fume cupboard and ensure they are properly identified & operational.

  • Check stability & condition of discharge stack.

  • Check condition of exhaust ducting where possible. Check that joints are intact and drains where
    fitted are clear.

  • Check condition of satisfactory operation of fume cupboard control system.

  • Check operation of emergency isolator.

  • Check operation of automatic isolator.

  • Check system for conformance to AS2243.8.

  • Attach label to fume cupboard showing inspection date, name of inspector & report number,
    overall test result and date of next inspection.

To enquire about booking in your next Fume Cupboard service or to obtain a quote, contact our friendly service team on 08 9456 1112 or email